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New World Wine Maker

AWRI-MLF-2013 ASK THE AWRI: Malolactic Fermentation Issues Explored!

What are the main compositional parameters that inhibit MLF? Factors such as alcohol, pH, temperature and sulphur dioxide are explored. ANSWERS HERE FROM THE EXPERTS!

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Is Uv The Answer To Combat Microbial Spoilage?

Investigating the efficacy of UV-C radiation as an alternative technology to inactivate microorganisms in wine.

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Volatile Acidity

The hunt is on for those nasty little critters that play havoc during winemaking and contribute towards wine spoilage!

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Volatile Acidity In Wine

Detecting a whiff of VA in your cellar? Manage oxygen, temperature, rogue bacteria and stressed yeast better to get your wine as healthy as possible. We highlight numerous sources of VA in wine and ho…

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Successful Malolactic Fermentations – Part 1

Understanding the basics of both the chemistry and microbiology of MLF is the key to avoiding problematic MLF.

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Wine Bacteria: Friends And Foes – Awri Report

Quality red wine isn’t possible without bacteria. But, regretfully, so too bad wine! The difference between hero and zero wines requires you walking a microbiological tightrope – every fermentation.

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