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New World Wine Maker

wine-longevity-2014 ALCHEMY OF ALCOHOL ASTOUNDS!

We take a look at another behind the scenes study of the fact-or-fiction wine longevity phenomena. Is this truly the fountain of youth or hogwash? The debate goes on, read this article and you decide…

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To Your Health – Awri Report

Ready for this? The AWRI’s and cancer-heavyweight CSIRO’s joint clinical trials have found the paradox to be the real deal! So toast (in moderation, of course) to the newfound hero –red wine d…

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Health Benefits Of Wine With Reduced Alcohol

A look at the low-, reduced- and standard alcohol wine conundrum: Must one suffer the pain of ‘watery and thin’ wine for health gain? Perhaps, one may have the best of both worlds, argues this ar…

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The French Paradox

Wishful thinking? Or, did the controversial ’92 French study that linked good health and red wine, have it right? This insightful piece could well have red wine drinkers shouting a healthy, ‘Eureka!’…

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Fountain-of-youth Or Hogwash?

We go behind the scenes for a fact-or-fiction look at the much-publicised red wine vs. increased good health phenomena.

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