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New World Wine Maker


Learn how fertilization of Petit Manseng vineyards can translate to aroma development from vine to wine.

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Do We Need A New Approach To Bunch Exposure In Australian Vineyards? – Awri Report

The Australian Wine Research Institute cards the European practice of bunch exposure for grape growing in hot climates, which leads to inordinate crop loss, wine quality and other foul play.

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Red Wine Clones

The good news is RSA’s red clone selection is large. Now, the bad – some are more suitable to RSA climes. Unless you know, read on, as two distinguished wine authorities provide you with the answers.

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Glucose:fructose Ratio Of Grapes

Sluggish fermentations inexplicably strike vineyards in Worcester, South Africa in ’05; this who-done-it reveals the discovery of a single culprit: high levels of fructose – or is it?

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Pusuing Quality Outside The Cellar

Out into the vineyard we go in search of non-cellar practices that will materially effect the quality of your wine.

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Vine Root Studies

A tough harvest sets off a search for explanations as to the relationship between root systems and the quality of top growth.

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