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New World Wine Maker

Monitoring sulfur dioxide in the winery

Wine, all on its own, is a fairly good antiseptic. The tartaric acid in wines made from grapes is a relatively strong organic acid that helps keep the pH of the wines low

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aldehydes-fino-sherry-2014 ALDEHYDES – FROM WINE FAULT TO FINO SHERRY

Who knew that a ‘defective’ by-product of fermentation can contribute to flavour, colour, texture and aroma of wine!? Sniff out the impact of this compound in the production of fino sherry!

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Have you ever thought of zapping your wine with UV-rays? Find out why UV-treatment of wine might, counter intuitively, keep your white wine from going brown.

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Use Of So2 In High-ph Wines

The love-hate affair between molecular sulphur and pH is explored, with specific focus on what a winemaker faces when his wine has a high pH. The free sulphur requirement in wine increases exponential…

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Are So2′s Days Numbered?

A balanced view of SO2 as the consumer need for healthier wines squares off against the inalienable right of winemakers to protect their wines from oxidation.

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The Relationship Between Sulphur Dioxide And Ph


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