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New World Wine Maker


Enzymes have the potential to speed up the production of more extracted and aromatic wines. Can a skilled winemaker manage the pros and cons? A FINE BALANCE …

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What Are Cinnamyl Esterases And What Effect Does It Have On Wine Making?

The Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of enzyme preparations.

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Enzymes In Winemaking

Main activities in winemaking enzyme formulations are controlled by one very powerful family – The Pectinases. Its members are very persuasive when it comes to accelerating pre-fermentation, getting…

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Legal Aspects Of The Use Of Enzymes In Winemaking

Phew! As if winemaking isn’t tough enough; understanding the permissible use of enzymes for the markets in which you may wish to sell, is even tougher. This article gives you the skinny as to wher…

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Benefits Of Enzymes In Red Wines

Oh, hello, pectinase fans! Score the same results plus colour stabilisation, improved tannic structure, better yields in the press and, how much time do you have? Catch the whole story about fungal en…

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Maceration Enzyme For Enhanced Color Extraction & Stabilization


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