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New World Wine Maker

screcap-study-tainted-2014 CONTROVERSIAL SCREWCAP STUDY!

A daring study by Aussie for her dissertation claiming that total screwcap damage levels at 8.2% were greater than cork taint! This has caused quite a stir and raised a voice of disagreement from vari…

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The Conservation Case For Cork

If planning to avoid cork as your preferred closure and, whilst really not wishing to spoil your day; we bring you the flipside of the consequences of your decision.

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Cork Taint!

Groundbreaking advances suggest a new solution for cork taint; and we’re not talking synthetic corks here, either. The solution? Right, the real-deal: cork!

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Cork And Mouldy Off-flavours

A penetrating look at the causes behind the problem that affects up to 4% of the world’s bottle wine – AND, YOU COULD BE NEXT!

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Screwcap Vs The Cork

Amongst spirited discord, strongly polarised views and the odd brickbat to boot, New Zealand opens a new round in the closure conflagration.

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An End To Corked Wines?

We unlock the conundrum over the consumer’s love of cork and a winemaking imperative.

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