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A day in the life of a ‘pre-exam’ new world winemaking student

By Geena Whiting.

Going through university we come across many different study techniques, and one of the most recommended ways of indicating your true knowledge of a subject is to try and explain…

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The Effects of Wine Bottle Closure Type on Perceived Wine Quality

By Becca Yeamans of The Academic Wino.

How a winery chooses to close a bottle of wine depends on a variety of factors, from function to consumer perception/marketing. While natural cork closures…

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Back to the future – exciting and scary innovations in the wine industry

Written by Geena Whiting.

The industry we have committed ourselves to is forever expanding and growing. New ideas and innovations are on every horizon and the horizon is broad. Climb aboard the DeL…

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Pruning Competition 2018

A short while ago, a discrete class pruning challenge was presented to us, wherein we each had to prune a row of what seemed like Shiraz vines gone rogue. After many hours (yes, some of us even took a…

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Meet Stuart Botha, winemaker at Tokara

Q.  When and where were you born ? 

“I was born in Durban, South Africa in 1985.”

Q.  Where did you study and what qualifications do you have ? 

“I studied winemaking and viticult…

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Mix it up with wine mixers

Written by Geena Whiting. 

To some it may seem sacrilegious to mix wine with anything, yet for others the mixing of  red  wine with cola is standard practice. Although I myself fit into the firs…

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Currently being read

Our scholarly pursuit to decipher the elusive aroma components of Shiraz bears some fruit and lots of speculat...

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PART 1 of a comprehensive review of aromatic wine components produced by yeast & bacteria that may well op...

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Carbonic Maceration

by Erika Szymanski

What’s that you say?Fermenting whole grapes? Without yeast intervention? With zero oxygen?Yep, if you’re l...

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