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New World Wine Maker

Wine yeast nutrients 101

Various parts of dead yeasts can be used as a source of nutrition / alcohol tolerance for live yeast cells during fermentation. Sometimes they are used in combination with inorganic nitrogen such as D…

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The power of yeast hulls!

In the aftermath of the Southern hemisphere harvest, some poor unfortunates are still struggling with stuck fermentations.  In most cases when looking at the facts one can pinpoint why the stuck occu…

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You want me to put it where?

I am not a non-interventionist winemaker, simply because I do not trust fate at the wheel of my winemaking career.

We are often warned of the danger of processed food to our health, but what consti…

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Yeast cell walls versus inactivated yeasts…

Yeast cell walls are also known as yeast hulls or yeast ghosts. Many sales reps sell yeast nutrients that they claim contain yeast cell walls when in fact they contain the whole yeast that has been in…

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