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New World Wine Maker

A List of Details

Every time someone speaks of a great new winemaking process such as cold maceration or délestage, it’s time to ask yourself “Is this consistent with the style of wine I want to make?” Will th…

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The Trouble with Blind Tasting

Why do sommeliers need to be able to identify an unknown wine anyway? Their job is to pick quality wines for their restaurant and then recommend appropriate ones to guests, not to perform parlor trick…

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All dressed up, but nowhere to go with your wine?

“If I was a winemaker and I made wine that tasted the same five years in a row, I would consider myself a failure.” This statement was greeted by a soft gasp of shock and then an uncomfortable sil…

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Chinese Checkers Anyone?

Can one predict the style and quality of a wine as a direct result based on the fruit and oenological processes?

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Consumers finally ask about alcohol levels

There’s little need for me to rehash the back-and-forth in the wine media regarding alcohol levels: in short, the wheel has turned and we are back in the 1980s when it was fashionable to criticize C…

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Are You Allergic To Sulfites?

Originally published July 2006:

I hear this all the time in the Tasting Salon — “I can’t drink much wine; it gives me a headache. I think I’m allergic to the sulfites.” I don’t know how…

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