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New World Wine Maker

A List of Details

Every time someone speaks of a great new winemaking process such as cold maceration or délestage, it’s time to ask yourself “Is this consistent with the style of wine I want to make?” Will th…

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The Winemaker as Artist

A winemaker is a sensory artist. His pigment is a drawn from the vineyard and his brush a stainless steel tank or oak barrel. There are no two identical wines. Each wine is unique if you searc…

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How bottle variation can lead to an evolutionary challenged wine (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered why two bottles of wine, supposed to be identical in almost every way, sometimes differ in taste and aroma? In other words: Why would two bottles stored under identical conditio…

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The (Colloidal) Matrix part II

Trinity: Dodge this…

Unfortunately, like most things in life I suppose, too much of a good thing can be bad…and sometimes even dangerous. Although there is a significant upside to the use of he…

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