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New World Wine Maker

Reductive strength

“The mystery of why some wines live and some wines die young should haunt every serious New World winemaker” – Randall Grahm Bonny Doon Vineyards

As discussed in previous postings, longevity ma…

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Gone with the wind

When in 1939, Rhett Butler quoted the memorable “how fickle is woman…” he obviously did not have any idea how complex consumers can be…But if one thing is true about consumers, it is the fact…

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Flash Gordon in hot water after colour extraction incident at winery!

If the title of this blog caught your eye, my ploy worked. Please accept my apologies; Flash Gordon will not be featured here. Or any other superheroes, for that matter. I will however elaborate on Fl…

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Gold medal winemaking in La Mancha!

The cooperative Vinicola de Villarobledo has been the only winery from La Mancha region to win a Gold award at wine contest – Nuevo Vino 2011 – held in Madrid on the 15th of June this year. This was t…

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Red winemaking at Morgenster

Over the years, South African winemaker, Henry Kotzé, has refined his winemaking mantra to one of minimal interference and maximal expression of variety by means of selecting the best terroir possibl…

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Word of the day: Délestage

Délestage – (‘dehl-luh-STAJ’) aka “rack and return” (though the French sounds much more refined and romantic, as usual.) refers to the practice of repeatedly draining fermenting red wine of…

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