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New World Wine Maker

If Only the Grapes Were the Whole Story

It’s no simple task. Unlike processed foods, wine is not required to have its ingredients listed on the label. This contributes to the belief that any wine is elemental, like fruits, vegetables and…

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When did wine become “unnatural”?

It is a question worth asking, given today’s debate about “natural” winemaking practices.  The message is confusing leaving consumers baffled.  The answer requires a review of 7,000 years of w…

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The sulphur debate part 3: South Africa’s “no-sulphur” pioneer

An experimental batch of Petit Verdot turned out to be a pioneering piece of art for Stellenzicht Winemaker, Guy Webber, who has recently introduced Stellenzicht’s first ‘no added sulphur’ wines…

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Talking “natural” wines again

Jamie Goode is a trained scientist who today in his blog wrestles with the tension between faith and science implied by “natural” wine. I am also a trained scientist, plus I am deep into my 24th v…

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Wine au Natural – warts and all

There is a movement in winemaking that strives to make “natural wines”. These wines, sometimes called “real wines”, are wines that contain nothing but grape juice. In its purest form no additi…

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The truth about “unfiltered and unfined”

It seems like it has been a while since the question of whether unfined and unfiltered wines are “better” than their more processed cousins was the topic du jour in the wine media space. M…

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