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New World Wine Maker

If Only the Grapes Were the Whole Story

It’s no simple task. Unlike processed foods, wine is not required to have its ingredients listed on the label. This contributes to the belief that any wine is elemental, like fruits, vegetables and…

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Let’s get ready to rumble…

What is better organic wine or natural wine?

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Here’s to the Winemakers!

In the winery, winemakers decide whether wine is fermented in steel, oak or clay amphora. They keep an eye on the yeast fermenting the wine and stop bacteria from turning it to vinegar. They decide wh…

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Some advice on natural fermentations

It’s the time of year after the southern hemisphere harvest when the unfortunate with stuck fermentations seek advice. There are various causes of stuck fermentations with “natural” fermentation…

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Yeasts to blame for wines tasting the same

This is a favourite claim of the so-called “natural” or “non-interventionist” winemaking movement. One of the reasons why they claim it is better to do natural fermentation instead of using co…

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You want me to put it where?

I am not a non-interventionist winemaker, simply because I do not trust fate at the wheel of my winemaking career.

We are often warned of the danger of processed food to our health, but what consti…

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