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New World Wine Maker

Bacteria in winemaking – it’s all about timing

Timing is usually critically important in any winery, especially when it comes to the tiny microbes in your fermenting must and wine. The presence or absence of yeast and bacteria at certain stages of…

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Red winemaking at Morgenster

Over the years, South African winemaker, Henry Kotzé, has refined his winemaking mantra to one of minimal interference and maximal expression of variety by means of selecting the best terroir possibl…

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A malolactic starter BLEND? Huh?

Yes yes, it has arrived. The first commercial bacterial blend has seen the shelves so to speak. It has been commercialised by Anchor Wine Yeast and is a blend of Oenococcus and Lactobacillus. This pro…

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A case for co-inoculation of malolactic bacteria and wine yeast

This morning I was looking at some results from MLF trials done in Italy during the 2009 harvest season and once again the benefit was overwhelmingly on the side of co-inoculation of the bacteria with…

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