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New World Wine Maker

Armageddon… don’t let it happen in your cellar! (Part 1)

Not only humans (and don’t forget the dinosaurs) are subject to mass extinction. Micro-organisms are intimately sensitive to changes in their environment. Take a tank of fermenting must. The savvy w…

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Are your yeasts on sterols?

Recent crackdowns on doping in sport have made all of us more aware of the effects of performance enhancing supplements. This got me thinking. What if winemakers could come up with a legal magic potio…

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Adding water to wine: time to take a sober look part 2

Part one of this blog gave us some background on high Brix grapes, musts and the resulting high alcohol wine. The easiest (but not always legal) way to counter the effects of a potential high alcohol…

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Adding water to wine part 1: Time to take a sober look

One of my favourite stories from the Bible is the one where Jesus turned water into wine during the marriage at Cana. Despite this incredible event, asking most winemakers today whether they dose thei…

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Water to wine

Most observers would agree that the style of wine which now dominates the high end of the wine rankings and price scale has evolved over the last couple of decades, toward higher alcohol, higher extra…

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Grape ripeness and wine alcohol

Are you as tired as I am of all the winging over high-alcohol wines?

Yes some, perhaps many (but not most) wines over — what? — like, 14%-14.5% alcohol by volume? — might strike some tasters…

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