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New World Wine Maker

Armageddon… don’t let it happen in your cellar! (Part 2)

Modern winemaking can be very stressful and winemakers are putting increasing pressure on their minuscule friends. No, I’m serous! Pressure can indeed be a limiting factor; especially where low pH a…

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Armageddon… don’t let it happen in your cellar! (Part 1)

Not only humans (and don’t forget the dinosaurs) are subject to mass extinction. Micro-organisms are intimately sensitive to changes in their environment. Take a tank of fermenting must. The savvy w…

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Practical Advice On Managing Wine Alcohol Levels

The other day I came across this fact sheet: “Reducing Alcohol Levels In Wine” published by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI). Directed at the professional winegrower, this is the best…

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Consumers finally ask about alcohol levels

There’s little need for me to rehash the back-and-forth in the wine media regarding alcohol levels: in short, the wheel has turned and we are back in the 1980s when it was fashionable to criticize C…

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Are your yeasts on sterols?

Recent crackdowns on doping in sport have made all of us more aware of the effects of performance enhancing supplements. This got me thinking. What if winemakers could come up with a legal magic potio…

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Adding water to wine: time to take a sober look part 2

Part one of this blog gave us some background on high Brix grapes, musts and the resulting high alcohol wine. The easiest (but not always legal) way to counter the effects of a potential high alcohol…

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