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New World Wine Maker

Armageddon… don’t let it happen in your cellar! (Part 1)

Not only humans (and don’t forget the dinosaurs) are subject to mass extinction. Micro-organisms are intimately sensitive to changes in their environment. Take a tank of fermenting must. The savvy w…

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Icewine: Why this tradition might slowly be melting away

The recent cold weather in large parts of our country (South Africa) made me remember a tasting I had with a winemaker. As far was icewine was concerned, he got the concept of minimum and maximum temp…

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Glycerol this, glycerol that

Karien’s comments on the hype that was made about glycerol, makes me nostalgic. Everybody was caught in the frenzy to find ways to increase glycerol in wines, and people went to extremes to achieve…

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The German Paradox

Most people have heard about the French paradox so I thought I’d inform you about the lesser known German paradox.  I started travelling to Germany in 2001 as a fermentation consultant to the wine…

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What do you ferment your Sauvignon blanc with – part 3?

Boschendal wine estate, probably one of the most picturesque wine estates in South Africa (and the world for that matter) produces three different Sauvignon blancs. With all three of these wines they…

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What do you ferment your Sauvignon blanc with – part 1?

The choice of yeast strain used for S. blanc production has a big influence on the final aroma profile and wine quality. So depending on personal style, regional style, country style, styles your cons…

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