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New World Wine Maker

Cracking The Code Of Wine Wine Yeast – Awri Report

Scientists at the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) have pulled a rabbit out of their hats: sequencing of the wine yeast genome. Read how this world- first achievement will open up new horizo…

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Awri Report: An Overview Of The Impact Of Ethanol Stress

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) in an unflinching third-degree examination, hunts down why there exists variations in yeast robustness during fermentation. Using ethanol-tolerance as a t…

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Improved Utilisation Of Yeast Lees Contact

If properly understood and used, this process will catapult you and your wines to legendary status. But wait! We offer a guarantee for success! Really, a guarantee!

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Let The Yeast Do The Work For You: Less Alcohol Per Bottle

High alcohol in your wine getting you down? The Cavalry is on its way! A yeast that strikes a blow against high alcohol during fermentation. It’s a genetically-enhanced Saccharomyces cerevisiae. E…

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Co-inoculation Of Wine Yeasts

Using two different yeast stains in the same fermentation is what we’re talking here. And the quicker one forgets it’s impossible – the sooner one’ll be adding new aroma, complexity and ferment…

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Succinic Acid

The Australian Wine Research Institute takes a hard look at this elusive, enigmatic culprit that strikes seemingly at will in the form of increased titratable acidity in reds. Be worried, unwanted ba…

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