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New World Wine Maker

Mlf: Monitoring!

Parroting tried-and-historical ways to monitor a complex biological phenomena because, well, it?s tried-and historical isn?t keeping an eagle eye out for results that twist and turn on a myriad of fac…

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Mlf: When To Add!

We answer all the questions about the benefits of induction of MLF by inoculation; sort this riddle out and watch your wines? flavour and quality head north big time!

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Mlf: The Chemistry!

This A-to-Z?er will send your MLF IQ soaring by plying your grey matter with invaluable info about the building blocks of MLF.

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Mlf: Nutritional Requirements

We reveal the diversity of the nutritional requirements of LAB to provide energy for growth of malolactic bacteria; what do they find finger-licking good?

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Mlf: Troubleshooting Guide

Now plunge headfirst into the trouble waters of a MFL gone wrong with new-found bravado and confidence; all you need is this V-E-R-Y practical and sage indispensable guide.

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Bacteria And Wine Quality!

What’s the most misunderstood and under-estimated contributor to wine finishing? B-e-e-p, time’s up! The answer? Say hello to bacteria. If not gob smacked – because we aren’t just talking malolactic f…

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