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New World Wine Maker

Wine Bacteria: The Good And The Bad

Don’t let bacteria’s 1-000 times magnification size fool you. It’s still a big-time friend or foe that can make or break your wine. We take a close-up and personal look how to manage this half-pinter…

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The Microbiology Of Mlf!

We get up-close and personal with the driver of malolactic fermentations – lactic acid bacteria. We look at what they need to proliferate and what you need to do to make them happy – very happy.

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Mlf: Organoleptic Defects!

Lactic bacteria can be your best malolactic fermentation buddy – butter, honey and vanilla notes. Or your not-buddy: sweaty, rancid yogurt, and burnt match notes. The difference? Uh-uh, forget the rab…

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Mlf: Managing Mlf In Wine!

The bad news is that wine isn’t an ideal medium for effortless growth of micro-organisms. Real winemakers don’t cry, right? They get even! And even is called Oenococcus oeni, a recommended bacterial s…

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Mlf: Optimise Commercial Strains!

The devil, when it comes to big-time optimisation of commercial malolactic starters, is in the small stuff – the detail. Get to know this simple primer as well as your own name and become a big-time…

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Mlf: History Of Mlb In Wine!

We crack wide-open the Big-Three influencers that can chemically and physically promote LAB in your wine.

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