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New World Wine Maker

wine-phenols-2012 The Phenol Phenominon – Nonflavonoids and Flavonoids

Natural phenols in wine are separated into flavonoids and non-flavonoids. They affect taste, colour & mouthfeel of wine and are a primary factor in the differences between wine types & styles! Packed…

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wine-aroma-2012 Wine Aroma And Sensory By Alain Razungles

Although wine aroma accounts for less than 1% of wine, it ultimately determines wine quality. Sniff out the influence of grape variety, fermentation, aging and defects on wine aroma.

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Brimstone In The Bottle: Sulfur Compounds In Wine

After reading this capturing article you’ll know all about those alarming aromas, where they come from and how to deal with them!

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Factors Influencing Taste And Mouthfeel

Discover a rainbow of aromas and learn how your genes play a role on taste and experience the dazzling array of chemical factors impacting on mouthfeel in wine.

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Closure Selection Affects Wine Style And Meet Consumer’s Preference

This article links chemical changes introduced by different closures with varied consumer aroma preferences.

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Sensory Perception

Understanding the complexity of wine aroma and relationship that the human senses and effects of chemical composition of your wine play!

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