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New World Wine Maker

Wine Tannins

Silk, velvet, hard, green, dry … The impact of the interaction between tannins, anthocyanins, polysaccharides and mannoproteins on your salivary glands.

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Polyphenols In Red Wine

Can this be? The saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it seems that red wine can do the same thing. The French are certainly benefitting from this phenomenon. Read here how your favou…

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Enological Tannins

Okay, you nailed mouthfeel! But, what about the other 10? More importantly, perhaps, is this: – how best to use all to both maximise and predict results. We shed light on these and other illuminati…

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Tannins: Hot New Data

New data points towards a very different understanding of the role of Tannins than what you were taught at school.

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Grape Colour As A Measure Of Red Wine Quality

Pour a splash of your favourite red as we turn our spotlight on the present and future tense of colour in grapes.

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Investigating Tannins During Red Wine Maturaturation!

We try to crack open the chemical structure of polymeric pigments formed during aging.

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