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New World Wine Maker

Chlorine Use In The Winery

Chlorine use plays havoc in your winery. The list of no no’s include your choice of cleaning products, cork storage, leaving open bags of bentonite or filter pads lying around, the municipal wate…

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Fining With Bentonite

Is protein precipitation leaving you in a haze? Don’t fumble through your bench top trials without reading this article first!

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Alka-seltzer May Reduce Headaches Of Wine Industry

The white coats at Cornell University claim that they’ve developed a new method to test for sulphide in wine … by simply dropping Alka-Seltzer into grape juice!

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The Role Of Polysaccharides

What is the exact nature of polysaccharides, the positive role which these molecules might play in the vinification process, and options available to the winemaker to maximise the concentrations of po…

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Wine Storage Guidelines!

Improper storage conditions during distribution impact on the loss of a wine’s quality and value. What’s too hot? What’s too cold? What’s the preferred bottle position?

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Cross Flow Filtration

New membrane technology boosts cross flow filtration techniques, enabling them to execute any type of filtration from solids and tartrate stabilisation to volatile acid removal and yeast or bacteria r…

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