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New World Wine Maker

carbonic-maceration-2012 Carbonic Maceration

What’s that you say?Fermenting whole grapes? Without yeast intervention? With zero oxygen?Yep, if you’re looking for a party wine with distinctive flavors!

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nitrogen-in-winemaking2012 Importance Of Nitrogen In Winemaking

This easy to read article takes a look at the many variables of nitrogen in the winemaking process, what the nitrogen-containing compounds are and why they are so important.

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wine-lees Understanding Wine Lees!

Light lees vs heavy lees? … Yes, there is a difference! Just one of the many sticky components highlighted in this in-depth article on the nature and management of wine lees.

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Wine Filtration For Small Cellars

Filter out the bad and keep the good in your small cellar. Make informed decisions when it comes to factors such as oxygen intake, effect on mouthfeel, micro-organisms and many others.

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Minerality In Wine

Some say it comes from the soil. Others say, it is the mere absence of fruit … is it fiction or science?

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Defining Sustainable In The Wine Industry

Are you ecologically responsive? Is your winery economically viable? What’s your environmental footprint? Are your practices sustainable?

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