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New World Wine Maker

guide-to-faulty-wine-2014 A USER’S GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF FAULTY WINES!

Just when you thought you knew it all when it comes to the list of things that contribute to faulty wine, this A-to-Z article reveals quite a few nasty’s that you never thought of. Not for the fain…

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Absolutely essential for quality fermentations! Absolutely Free. And Absolutely available for download now!

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quality-wine-control-bottling WINE STORAGE AND BOTTLING QUALITY CONTROL!

How up to speed are you on the quality control difficulties in the wine industry? We go on a scholarly look-see to identify those critical factors that make the difference between standard and outsta…

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The spotlight is on the increasingly popular Pinot Noir and the process of red wine colour stabilization. What role do anthocyanins and tannins play in this process? Read on to find out more …

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wine-phenols-2013 Wine Phenols – Tannins & Anthocyanins

How well do you know your wine phenols and what are gallotannins, ellagitannins & catechins and are they hydrolysable or condensed? What, you say? Read on and be enlightened …

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water-energy-use-2013C WINERY WATER AND ENERGY USE!

Did you know our industry is the largest energy user among food industries? With the continued concern about energy and water use this article addresses a number of critical issues. Think sustainable…

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