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New World Wine Maker

Us Wine Glut!

There are tough choices ahead to unlocking a hot US import wine market that has turned frosty thanks to a weaker dollar & domestic glut.

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South Africa Wins At Lords!

Article by Judy Brower, of South African Wines.London Generic Tasting – October 14th, 15th 2003
Sue Birch, CEO of Wines of South Africa (WOSA) could hardly contain her excitement and enthusiasm this…

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Grape New Yeasts Win By A Nose!

FORGET riesling versus chardonnay – wine drinkers could soon be debating the merits of varieties of yeast.

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The 8th Winefarmers & Fruitgrowers Exhibition

Both attendance & exhibitor records tumble at Cape Town’s new Exhibition Centre!

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For Wines, The Paradox Of Global Warming!

GLOBAL warming is a fearsome proposition, dredging up visions of rising tides engulfing shoreline cities & other cataclysms

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German Wines

Wine producers are taking to the vineyards using modern & traditional methods

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