The neighbouring campsite has gotten loud again, I am at my wits end! As I begin to scout for the source of the cacophony of cackling laughter, my spying eyes zone in on the culprit. A glimmer of campfire lights a patch on a nearby camping table, almost like a spotlight, and a box of dry white glimmers in the distance. AHA! I knew there had to be wine behind those ground-shaking snores last night!

Nobody enjoys the sounds of glass bottles clinking as you make your way along an abhorred dirt road, the clink-clink-clank of bouncing booze bottles for two to three hours is enough to drive anyone up the wall. Never mind the Bon-Jovi CD that hops with every bump in the road, accompanied with the clinking bottles, you also run the risk of obtaining a few breakages on the way.

So what other choice do we have but to opt for the oh-so-environmentally-friendly PVC (plastic) bottles or the good old faithful dry or semi-sweet box wine? While shopping around for Christmas presents in December 2018, I stumbled across an absolute gem of a Christmas gift for my fellow wine-lovers and glass bottle connoisseurs…..a resealable and reusable pap-sak. Hear me out, its designed in a very tech savvy manner, no-one would ever think it tacky. As an aspiring winemaker, the thought of filling two of these bad boys straight from my favourite tanks sent shivers down my spine.

Finally, a way to pack litres of my favourite wines into the car without any rattle and clink! While this isn’t necessarily a new invention, it isn’t the first thing to come to mind while I’m making the pre-camping checklist. Wine (x4) always makes its appearance in the top three items marked “do not forget”, along with underwear and socks, but when you feel as passionately about your getaway wine as I do, this may present a slight problem. Out of fear for breakages and shear annoyance by the rattling glass, I always end up with the wine on my lap too! I think it’s about time I make the upgrade to that nifty reusable wine bag.

But wait, there’s more! These lovely reusable wine bags also come with a thermal cover to keep your wines chilled, alternatively if you enjoy committing wine sacrilege the screwcap seal is also wide enough for ice blocks to be tossed in. I have recently taken up the craft of wine cocktail making, if you’re not the biggest fan of wine, these might interest you. Soda water, wine, fresh fruit (I prefer berries and lime), a dash of mint and a cordial of your choice may open you up a whole new world of wine-based drinks. The reusable camping pap-sak is also perfect for this!

I like to think of this little innovation as the newer model your ex trades you in for, that he thinks is way better, but is kind of exactly the same thing with a shiner label and a higher cost. After all this sugar coating, it is actually still a pap-sak, however you get to choose what wine or wine cooler you’d like to put into it. I could be drinking a bulk dry red, I could also be drinking an ultra-premium cab – who knows?

Another handy use for these bags (and this ones for the boys) is when you go fishing or sailing. Recently, a consumer asked me if it was at all possible to buy our wines in pap-saks because they loved our wine so much, but didn’t love the idea of wine bottles rolling around in the boat on their deep-sea fishing trip. While we unfortunately did not love the idea of putting our very limited boutique wine into pap-saks, I wish I had known about these reusable wine bags! I could have sold a couple of litres of wine that day, had I known. So, if there are any sailors out there wondering if there is a way to pack and store your favourite wine in litres and litres aboard, now you know!

While I must admit, in my first year of studying wine I probably would have died a slow and painful death if someone had suggested this to me, now graduated and slightly more open to new ideas, I can’t wait to get my hands on two or three of these bad boys. Nothing beats the heat of the bushveld like a cool glass of Chardonnay, Chenin or Sauvignon blanc and I can’t wait to pour and pour until my heart is content!