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The WINERAM Experience.  We aren’t a bunch of wanky-wine-o’s.  We are a crew with a passion! Combining a few wine-o’s with a couple film buffs and what your getting is a cinematic inside scoop on what the wine industry is really about!  I’m sick of getting the question “So your a wine connosieur?”, no more misunderstood views of what the wine industry is.

Through Sara’s eyes she’ll show you as the world of wine is opened up to her.  Through my eyes, I will show you how I experience the one thing I”m truely passionate about.  Dig it, love it, follow it.

New Zealand, Travel, Adventure Sports, Raw Natural Beauty & WINE!


Queenstown and Central Otago!  This is the first episode of a six part web series on New Zealand’s wine, travel and adventure sports!  Not just your average wine-o, Colin West has come down from the USA to meet up with local kiwi Jo Holley to show her what wine is all about and why anyone from any age or demographic can appreciate wine!  In return she shows Colin her country and together they get involved in the country’s top adventure sports located in the wine region themselves!   This time local talented mountain biker Josh Clark shows them the ropes at the Gondola just down the road from Peregrine Winery where after mountain biking they all go in for to learn a bit more about Central Otago’s wines, and also the first stage of the winemaking process:  Canopy Management!

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The WINERAM Experience by Colin West