The cat is out of the bag so to speak. It seems that not all tannins are created equal and quality differences between suppliers exist. Best you make sure you buy from a trusted supplier…

I recently read an interesting (also from a date of publication point of view) article, published in a reputable scientific journal called: “Impact of exogenous tannin additions on wine chemistry and wine sensory character.” They analyzed the effects of a range of enological tannins in Merlot wine. First they analyzed how much of the product sold as tannin was indeed tannin. They found it to be “12 – 48%.” What is the rest of the stuff in the bag that you are adding to your wine??? They found that adding the recommended dosage of the supplier was too little to have a “measurable effect.” They then proceeded to add higher concentrations and concentrations exceeding the supplier’s recommendations. The latter did indeed have a measurable effect on the wine’s phenolic content but also had a “subsequent negative impact on wine sensory character.”

In case I misinterpreted the article, for which I then profusely apologize to all tannin suppliers, here is the link:

Your thoughts….

Karien O’Kennedy is the Online Communications Manager for Oenobrands. She also knows the odd thing or two about winemaking and fermentation.