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A Cellar Intern’s Survival Guide to your First Harvest

Excitement bubbles over as the eager new intern arrives at 06:30am, a whole 30 minutes prior to her actual clock-in time. This lasts for about a week; after the second week you’ll be missing your Mo…

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The Relationship Between Sensory Characteristics and Emotion in Consumer Wine Preferences

Consumer wine preference is an oft-studied topic, as understanding wine preference is paramount in determining how to market and sell any given wine.  It can also help wine marketers not only observe…

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What do I smell?

This has often been slurred after one to many glasses of Chardonnay has been gulped down or heard whilst serving a guest who for the fifth time has not heard you explain that you’ve served them a 20…

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Meet Norman Ketelo – Winemaker at De Grendel

Q When and where  were you born ? 

“I was born at Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape on 1st March 1875.”

Q Where did you study ?

“ I have no formal education in winemaking but started i…

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Can yeasts be used to prevent protein haze?

Winemakers add bentonite to prevent protein haze in white wines. Although this treatment reaches its goal, it also leads to volume losses and sometimes a decrease in wine quality. The question is: are…

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An insight to wine making you may not have heard before

You may imagine walking through the vineyards in the early morning light, picking a plump grape off a bunch , looking at its colour, admiring its bloom, pinching it slightly to see how easily the pulp…

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Currently being read

An illuminating stroll through flextank technology that promises to maximize on many aspects of your wine's pr...

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Potassium Sorbate is a fairly recent and very useful additive used as a wine preservative but be careful: Mak...

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by New World Wine Maker

Despite this year's weather conditions, German wine growers are satisfied with 2013 vintage achievements, the...

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