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wine-longevity-2014 ALCHEMY OF ALCOHOL ASTOUNDS!

We take a look at another behind the scenes study of the fact-or-fiction wine longevity phenomena. Is this truly the fountain of youth or hogwash? The debate goes on, read this article and you decide…

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filterability-of-wine-2014 THE FILTERABILITY OF WINE!

Consumers demand clarity in their wine, regardless of the fact that sediments are harmless! Let’s filter out everything else and focus on the final filtration process prior to bottling …

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fruit-rot-2014 GERMANY 2013 HARVEST REPORT

Despite this year’s weather conditions, German wine growers are satisfied with 2013 vintage achievements, the 2013 harvest shows good quality with the quantity slightly below average.

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Fruit rot issues are a common concern during the summer rain season. This article presents many insightful production considerations to keep in mind during this challenging problem …

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guide-to-faulty-wine-2014 A USER’S GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF FAULTY WINES!

Just when you thought you knew it all when it comes to the list of things that contribute to faulty wine, this A-to-Z article reveals quite a few nasty’s that you never thought of. Not for the fain…

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screcap-study-tainted-2014 CONTROVERSIAL SCREWCAP STUDY!

A daring study by Aussie for her dissertation claiming that total screwcap damage levels at 8.2% were greater than cork taint! This has caused quite a stir and raised a voice of disagreement from vari…

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This article delves into the influence of oak chips added at various stages of winemaking on sensory character...

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An Italian company, Integrapes, claims to have made a breakthrough when it comes to sulphites and wine. Their...

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by New World Wine Maker

We take a look at another behind the scenes study of the fact-or-fiction wine longevity phenomena. Is this tru...

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