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Starting your fermentation right: nutrient supplementation

By: Denise M. Gardner

Based on the number of questions I have received this year about yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN), it looks like more winemakers are taking it upon themselves to measure YAN o…

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Louis Van Der Riet – Winemaker a De Krans Winery in Calitzdorp

Q. Where did you originate ?

“I was born in Worcester on 13th February 1987.”

Q. Was it a Friday ?

“Funny enough it was but in my case it has been a lucky day !”

Q. Where did you…

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Ten Things to Do At a Wine Farm (Besides Drink Wine)

Ever woken up one weekend-morning and felt like going for a wine tasting, but the family is visiting and Grandma or Uncle Sam doesn’t drink wine and so you think all hope is lost? Think again! Lucky…

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Making red wine from fruit high in potassium

While the issue is quite challenging to address in an established vineyard, processing grapes from high pH fruit, or fruit that has the potential to create a high pH wine (>3.70), as a result of hi…

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Richard Duckitt – Red Winemaker at Boschendal

Q. When and where were you born ?

“I was born on 24th September 1982 in the Somerset Hospital. However I come from Darling and from a long line of well-known farmers.”

Q. Where did you stud…

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We don’t need no education?

“Natural winemaking” is taking South Africa by storm. Whatever that means. The only people who call it “Natural winemaking” are the ones who don’t practice it, which is odd, because generall…

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Currently being read

PART 1 of a comprehensive review of aromatic wine components produced by yeast & bacteria that may well op...

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To say 'additive' is like shouting 'fire' in a packed theatre these days. So, read about mannoproteins here -...

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Nuts about guava, passion fruit, and grapefruit aromas in your Sauvignon blancs, Chenin blancs and Colombars?...

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