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Understanding Wine Lees!

Reproduced with permission from the Dept of Food Science & Technology, Virginia Tech

The Nature of Wine Lees
During aging sur lie, yeast components are released into the wine. These macromol…

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Interview with Nadia Barnard – winemaker at Waterkloof

Q:  Where do you originate from ?

“I was born in Pretoria.”

Q : How does someone from Pretoria get to be winemaker in the Cape?

“My Dad worked for a large company and was transferred t…

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Napoleon’s Box Wine

Certain wine farms in South Africa take a great deal of pride in reminding us that Napoleon Bonaparte drank their wine! In some cases this is quite possible. These people love to romanticize the idea…

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Anchor Alchemy red blends, another exciting innovation from Anchor Yeast

Anchor Alchemy Red Blends III and IV were developed to respond to the industry’s need for similar innovation to Alchemy Blends I and II for white wines. Following this overwhelming success, Oenobran…

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How quickly does oxygen disappear from white wine?

by Wessel du Toit, Daniella Fracassetti, Carien Coetzee, Andreja Vanzo & Davide Ballabio – for Wineland Magazine
Oxygen plays an important role in wine production. The exposure of r…

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Tasting notes from a tasting room assistant

I have not been a part of the wine industry for a very long time (a full four years to be exact), therefore I am very cautious to make generalisations of what I find and experience in industry. But af…

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Yeast Nutrient Management

by New World Wine Maker

An in-depth look at the nutrient needs of yeast at your wine's most defining moments - its fermentation.

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Flotation is a technique that must be correctly managed. To do otherwise is to court disaster. Here are five...

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Nomacorc has just introduced the first plant-based wine closure that boasts a ZERO carbon footprint, ready for...

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