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The world wide web is a weird, wonderful and as it turns out, wine-filled place to browse. There are a bunch of interesting reads when it comes to wine, so I chose to share a couple of gems.

If you…

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Meet Gunter Schultz – Winemaker at Kleinood

Q. When and where were you born ?

“In Mowbray, Cape Town on 6th October 1974.” Then adds “ I was only a few months old when my dad started Beaumont Primary school in Somerset West so the fam…

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Putting the Theory Behind the “Vinotype” to the Test with Science

By Becca Yaemans of The Academic Wino

The concept of wine and food pairing is one that is well ingrained in many people’s minds: red wine with red meat, white wine with fish, etc.  The idea is…

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CHINA: Yes? No? Maybe?

If you are a winemaker that is looking to expand your export market, you would have been living under a rock if the land of rice and tea and more recently wine, have not crossed your mind.

Since th…

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Vegan wine: Do the yeast count?

By Erika Szymanski of the Winoscope

The vegan wine conversation usually goes like this:

“So, I’m looking for a vegan wine…”

“Wait; isn’t all wine vegan?”

“Dude, no. A lot…

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Reputation: Taylor Swift vs. Chenin blanc

In my fourth and final year of university studying winemaking one of the topics discussed frequently in class has been the future of wine in South Africa and particularly the identity we need to estab…

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How much 02 does your red wine need to achieve optimal aroma expression and how do you achieve the perfect OTR...

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Potassium Sorbate is a fairly recent and very useful additive used as a wine preservative but be careful: Mak...

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Have you ever thought of zapping your wine with UV-rays? Find out why UV-treatment of wine might, counter intu...

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