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The Hard-Working Hands of Harvest

“Meisietjie, Lena is die Wingerd-Aaantie (aunty)”, this was one of the very first sentences I heard when I started my internship this year (2018). While I sit here, taking a hefty sip of chilled S…

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Sensory evaluation of mouthfeel in wine

by Renée Crous, Valeria Panzeri & Hélène Nieuwoudt

Sensory panels often avoid the evaluation of mouthfeel sensations in wine, since it implies (for many non-wine experts) complex, and abstr…

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Q. When and where were  you born ? 

“ I was born in 1991 in George in the Southern Cape. Not quite in winemaking territory.”

Q. Where did you study and what qualification have you got ? …

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When in Drought

“Rain, rain go away, come again another day”, I remember singing these words as a child, while staring at the drenched playground outside. Thick clouds, the pitter-pattering of rain against the wi…

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Catch a whiff…

The total acidity in wine consists of two main components; non-volatile acid (including malic acid and tartaric acid) and volatile acid (VA). Volatile acid comprises of a group of volatile, organic, s…

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Creating Hybrid Wines True to Style

Over the years, I’ve noticed that it’s easy for wineries to fall subject to – what I like to call – the “ice cream syndrome.” In this case, one varietal wine is made for each wine grape va…

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Currently being read

PART 1 of a comprehensive review of aromatic wine components produced by yeast & bacteria that may well op...

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White Bordeaux!

by New World Wine Maker

White Bordeaux is as modern to New World young-drinking sauvignon blancs as a turntable to an iPod; we take an...

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Wine, all on its own, is a fairly good antiseptic. The tartaric acid in wines made from grapes is a relatively...

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