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Oenobrands launches the FERMIVIN® range to bring together its full offering of wine yeasts

A complete range

For over four decades, Oenobrands instant dry yeasts have been used by winemakers around the world to produce every style of wine. These innovative wine yeasts, designed to meet th…

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Brett: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By: Denise M. Gardner

The age-old controversy over the existence of Brettanomyces and its impact on wine quality continues to be a hot button topic in the wine industry.  Many will argue its abili…

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Bloom and Doom

Harvest has barely begun in the Western Cape and already Mother Nature, possibly still wearing her Poison Ivy Halloween costume, has played the wine farms into a smooth seduction in promise of bountif…

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Six fun steps for a beginner to get the best out of a wine tasting

Many years ago, after my first wine tasting during a lecture, I arrived home (hostel) and my friend looked at me and asked me if I had been paintballing in class. I have moved on, of course, from thos…

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Red Wine Aroma & Oxygen Exposure

Published with the permission of NOMACORC. For further information visit

The influence of oxygen on the sensory characteristics of red wine has been long known, since Louis Pasteu…

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Sebastian Beaumont – Beaumont Family Wines

Q. Where were you born ?

“In my home town of Bot Rivier, the centre of the universe !”

Q. Where did you study ?

“I studied at Elsenburg and graduated in 1998 with a Diploma in Viticul…

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Sensory Analysis Of Wine

by New World Wine Maker

To catch new consumers to their wines in a market where even quality is becoming parity; winemakers are turnin...

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Don’t be fooled … this article clears up the confusion caused by these two similar-sounding wine terms. R...

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