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One of the most important parameters for the measurement of quality is the aroma/flavour profile of a wine (1). Up till now, more than 1000 compounds have been identified in grapes and wine. To add to…

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A word with Andries Blake of Klawer Wine Cellars

Q. When and where were you born ?

“I was born on 10th January 1967 in Wellington and grew up on a wine farm.”

Q. Where did you study and what qualifications do you have ?

“I went to Els…

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Botrytis Bunch Rot: Winemaking Implications and Considerations

By Dr. Molly Kelly, Enology Extension Educator, Department of Food Science

In a previous post, Bryan Hed discussed early fruit zone leaf removal and its effects on the development of Botrytis b…

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Let’s give it up for the wine bars, baby

Any wine lover, wine maker and wine connoisseur worth their weight can tell you one of the largest problems with the South African wine industry is the total lack of local market interest. The current…

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Making invisible things visible: Do yeast cells stick to cork during bottle aging?

Yeast do not seem to form biofilms on the bottoms of corks when they’re used, rather than metal crown caps, to secure Champagne bottles during their in-bottle secondary fermentation. This, at least…

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The Hard-Working Hands of Harvest

“Meisietjie, Lena is die Wingerd-Aaantie (aunty)”, this was one of the very first sentences I heard when I started my internship this year (2018). While I sit here, taking a hefty sip of chilled S…

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by New World Wine Maker

Jamie Goode plunges into the controversy surrounding this common spoilage organism.

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A report from the AWRI on the significant contribution of specific yeast strains toward maximising your Sauvig...

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Part of the traditional process of red winemaking involves a maceration step, allowing the skins and seeds of...

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