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Brandy in a different light

“Branne-branne-branne-brannewyn het nie brieke nie”, a simple Afrikaans song symbolizing the South Africans outlook on brandy. We are so conditioned to the culture of brandy, mixed with coke, that…

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Meet Michael van Niekerk, Cellarmaster & Viticulturist at Audacia

Q Where and when were your born ?

“Upington on 31st January 1983.”

Q Where did you study and what qualifications have you got ?

“I studied at Elsenburg Agricultural College and obtaine…

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The advantages and disadvantages of oxygen prior to bottling

By Charl Theron, Wineland Media.

“Oxygen can make or break a wine.” – Louis Pasteur. Oxygen is an integral part of life and plays an important role in different biological and chemical reac…

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We are wine enthusiasts

What is it about wine that we love? What is it that makes us meticulous in the cellars? What is it that captivates our minds and has us watching videos about obscure places and buying copious wine boo…

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What’s Causing Your Wine Flu?

Have you ever gone wine tasting and overheard the dreaded, “How much Sulphur is in this wine?” or “I am allergic to Sulphur”? Tasting room stewards often fear these remarks, while customers of…

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How Touch Might Influence How A Wine Tastes

By Becca Yeamans-Irwin of The Academic Wino. 

There are a lot of factors that can influence the way wine tastes to someone.  From the lighting in the room, to the music you’re listening to, t…

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Biogenic Amines

by New World Wine Maker

Don't know much about this low-molecular weight component? Well, its there. In your fermentations and wine agi...

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Taking a different slant on wine, this riveting-read asks aloud of the world's most popular vine varieties, "W...

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It is here, our new ‘New World Winemaker’ website! Firstly we want to thank you for yo...

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