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The perfect pair?

There are many different wine pairings that we have come to know and enjoy. Food was made to go with wine and wine was made to go with food. Of course one can have the former or the latter but why wou…

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The malolactic enzyme – parameters effecting expression

By Wineland Media

Lynn Engelbrecht, Senzo Mtshali, Bronwen Miller & Maret du Toit
The results obtained showed that pH, ethanol and malic acid play an important role in the expression of the ma…

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Meet Skye Nolan – Assistant Winemaker at Origin Wines

Q. When and where  were you born ?

“ I was born in Randburg, Gauteng, in 1994.”

Q. Where did you study ? 

A straight and honest answer.  “ I did not study formally. “I had attend…

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Middle-Aged, Moderate Drinkers May Be Less Likely to Develop Dementia

In a new British study, both nondrinkers and heavy drinkers exhibited higher likelihoods of experiencing the degenerative brain condition.
Middle-aged wine lovers might be helping out their future se…

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Meet Monique Fourie – General Manager at Grand Domaine

Q. When and where were you born ?

“2nd October 1986 in the famous  East Rand town of Benoni.”

Q. What brought you to the Cape ?

“As soon as I matriculated in 2005 I moved to the Cape…

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Dessert in a Glass

Autumn colours swiftly make a splash through the vineyards as winter slowly creeps in on the Western Cape. Driving along one of the country’s beautiful wine routes, one can’t help but gaze at the…

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Currently being read

Okay, maybe not laugh, but, hey, how about smile? Yep! This article stares down your worse fermentation nightm...

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Focus On Rose

by New World Wine Maker

Convinced Ros?s are too sweet and pink; too female - and so not you? Hello! - The world is falling for pink!...

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2006 France Harvest Report

by New World Wine Maker


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