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Old enough to rock and roll; too young to die

If you look on you will see a map of old vines in the Western Cape. This map is not small, and what it shows should not be seen as a minor detail; it describes an antiquated viticultural la…

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Effects of grapevine leafroll disease on wine quality (and when is a disease a disease?)

By Erika Szymanski - The Wineoscope

Gut reaction: Viruses cause disease. Disease is bad. Viruses are bad.

Gut reaction muted by a lot of recent genetics research: Viral DNA seems to be embedded…

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Meet Peter de Wet – Winemaker at De Wetshof

Q.  Where were you born ?

“I was born in Cape Town. On 17th  August 1984. I did my schooling at Bishops.”

Q.  How come Cape Town when the family lived in Robertson ?

“Not really su…

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An Easy Guide to Cultivar Identification

The most common wine related advice that I get asked by my friends and people that come to realise that I have wine knowledge is how to identify different cultivars of wine. What is the difference bet…

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The Cellar after Harvest’s Dust Settles

By: Denise M. Gardner, Enology Extension Associate

Most likely, all of the wines from the 2016 vintage are happily settling away in tank or barrel at this point.  After such a busy time, his leave…

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Q. When and where were you born ? 

“1974 in Somerset West”.

Q. Where did you study ?

“I did a BSc in Winemaking and Viticulture at the Stellenbosch University.”

Q. Your entry into…

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Currently being read

This Camelot of knowledge tackles questions like: Is micro-oxygenation ideal for colour development? Or is it...

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Carbonic Maceration

by Erika Szymanski

What’s that you say?Fermenting whole grapes? Without yeast intervention? With zero oxygen?Yep, if you’re l...

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by admin

Did you know our industry is the largest energy user among food industries? With the continued concern about e...

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